I cannot quite believe the current violence in Egypt.

In his Blog “mickjennings” says “I cannot quite believe the current violence in Egypt. I spent some time in the 1980′s travelling around much of the country and found everywhere, warm and generous people.” It is true, but that is exactly what is happening now. It is a very interesting reflection by “mickjennings” and of course, any changes have reasons. The demography of Egyptian population has changed considerably in the past five-six decades. Going back in time in the 1950’s and 1960’s Egypt, the Egyptian population was even more softer, warmer and more generous. However, for many reasons things changed to what we are experiencing now. The population increased dramatically from 20 million during the 1950’5 to currently over 80 millions. Meanwhile, the water resources and agricultural land are relatively more less the same, the industrial and economic sectors were/are mainly dominated by private players with little participation in promoting public services and associated baic infra-structures necessary for achieving major socio-economic developments (water, energy, health, education and food). Two other main reasons are, huge investiment and spending in the military because of regional wars after independence and the Israel-Palestine conflict, and the failure of building constructive interactions between “liberal-muslim” political groups.


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