Energy versus Water?

Energy left after the “Big Bang” was the origin of the Earth, water and all other natural resources on the earth including fossil fuel, wind-power and the solar-fuel. These are the fundamental drivers of the evolution of all forms of life on the earth. The dichotomy between natural resources and basic life-components that has facilitated our life, which seemed to us to be “endless”, promoted our consumption to the degree that we are running out of all resources. The dilemma of water and energy seems to be like the classical question “which came first, the chicken or the egg” and if they will disappear which will disappear first. We need energy to produce water and we need water to produce energy. Both resources are running out. As we are reaching Peak Oil, we also appear to approaching Peak Water. With the vanishing drivers of life, life itself will fade away. In other words, our planet is aging with us and the question who dies first!

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