Cape Peninsula, South Africa – beautiful coastal formations, preserved wild life and national parks.

Cape Peninsula, South Africa, gives an excellent example on “sustainable tourism” with the well-preserved nature of its bays, parks, mountain, beach and sea animals, Ostrich farms, recreation activities, open sea views, well-managed roads, shanty towns and most important high environmental standards. It has one of the most beautiful coastal mountain formations architected by historical evolution and successive carving of sea-level variations alternated by coastal depositions. The amazing action of nature and the strict rules of natural conservation and environmental protection policies sustained its biological hot-spots and made it home for diverse and rare animal, plant and bird (including penguin) and fish species though the harsh and delicate environments. Including the so-called Fynbos “fine bush” because of its many fine leafed plants, adapted to the extreme wet/dry climate and nutrient poor sandy soils. With the city of Cape Town, Table Mountains provide striking visual images of world famous flat top and steep falls. The geological diversity is enormous with most scenic oceanscapes in the world. At the southernmost point, Cape Agulhas, the two current from the Atlatic and Indian Oceans meets, where the warm-water Agulhas current meets the cold water Benguela current and turns back on itself.

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