The Swinging Political Pendelum in USA Keeps Us Moving With It. But Where Are We Going?

The swinging political pendulum in the USA keeps the world population to move with it and continuously change direction with twists now and then. In this context, it is IMPERATIVE for us “small people” who have little, if not at all, alternatives to actively engage to know where are we going to. 

It may seem that everything depends on political shifts in the USA. However, in reality it is much more complicated as political conflicts fueled by many political sub-pendulums around the world, keep emerging and developing day in and day out. The world as it is, is restless also for the big powers as “every action brings with it an anti-action”. The roots of such conflicts and swings in world politics have been so since the WII ( and the cold war ( and there-after. Things are even getting more more turbulent as the speed of flow of information is becoming much much faster with the increasing access to the Internet and social-media. There are almost no secrets whatsoever that stay hidden for long periods of time. 

The struggle between the “political right” and the “political left” with all the ranges and spectras in between have been and still very active. This is one of the major realities after WWII especially after the invent of the Internet. Such struggle even started to look like as if it is a natural phenomena as earth-quakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. The local and regional trends and shifts in social, economic and environmental activities keep piling-up and summing-up, independently or in combination, on global and international levels. Such piling-up and summing-up is reflected in many major and complex political turnoil since the end of WWII; the Cold-War, Israel-Palestina;  IRAQ-war and ISIL; Iran-Nuclear deal, Brexit and EU, Paris-Agreement and UN-SDGs, …… and many many others. These trends and shifts were/are triggered by constant swings of the political pendulum in the USA, every 4-8 years, with major impacts and consequences on the stability and security around the world. However, many political sub-pendulums around the world have feedback impacts on how the political pendulum in the USA will swing and twist. 

The USA put end to WWII but since then it has been the major super-power with many and diverse allies around the world. The total global military investment/expenditures have been enormously accelerating since WWII ( Europe and also other geo-political regions around the world, e.g. the MENA region and parts of Asia, are still facing new threats as conflicts keep emerging and developing. 

The 2016-President Elect of the USA ( is questioning the dependence of many countries around the world, including Europe, on the USA as a super-power in terms of their security and stability. According to him, the USA will not accept this situation as it has negative economic impacts on the USA, which regardless the details and reasons it does (, so they either pay the USA or do it themselves. But this will cause more instabilities and insecturities. If so, how would the world do to improve its security and stability? Or shall the world still take new risks, increase the levels of insecurity by adding more and more new arms and nuclear-powers, and thereby accelerate more and more the total global military investment and expenditure.

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