Would Trump’s Denial of Paris Agreement Make Planet Earth Better Again? If so, How?

The 2016-Presidential Elections in the USA came to us with several unexpected threats that are likely to impose severe global climate impacts and environmental consequences on all life mechanisms on planet earth. The Trump’s  victory in the USA presidential election, or more precisely the Republicans, will not only ignite a dramatic change to U.S. environmental policy but it will also mean “Game Over” for all environmental and climatic policies around the world. The President-elect has already signaled that his administration will reject President Barack Obama’s policies that aimed at combating climate change, a move that likely would throw all the international efforts during several decades to curb greenhouse gas emissions into chaos. In practical terms Trump, which seems to be the same standpoint of the Republicans, has hinted that he might cut the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, as well as roll back the Obama administration’s Climate Action Plan and associated policies, including participation in the Paris Agreement. While these short-term economic savings with support of the oil industries, i.e. to cover the enormous debt in the USA’s economy, they will definitely end up with tectonic consequences on all life forms on planet Earth which will continuously and gradually erode world economy, including the USA’s economy. This is because of the associated degradation and damage to the world climate and weather systems, and associated impacts on all life processes in oceans, land, surface water and land-water eco-systems, also surface-water and groundwater interactions in the whole hydrosphere, and the major distrubances in global water cycle itself as well as the whole bio-diversity on the Earth. To denay life for generations to come can not be a matter of short-term interests.

These political twists in the USA that take place every decade or so and their associated developments will without hesitation pile-up and excalate to several global conflicts and disasters that can finally end in tearing down the Paris Agreement and the whole web of the UN-SDGs. The world will be facing an accelerating spiral of moving away from the Paris Agreement and pushing back from all support and actions regarding the UN-SDGs. We are in the very point of no return where many climatic and environmental changes are arleady emerging and taking place with an accelerating rate of diverse catostophic and tectonic damages and degradation on all levels of the global bio- and eco-spheres.

Trump and many Republicans have long questioned whether climate change is real and dismissed claims that it poses a major threat, so we are back again in the same type of discussion that took place several decades ago. The President-elect’s stance on climate change runs counter to physical evidence, near-universal scientific consensus, and analyses by military experts and the U.S. Department of Defense. All the scientific research, work and efforts by the global scientific communities for several decades are worth nothing as due to the 2016-Presidential election in the U.S.A. This is from the science, technology and R&D view point a shameful outcome in modern civilizatios and a reverse gear for the world To Be Better Again. We still need to know how and when we can make our planet Earth To Be Better Again.


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