The Dream of Fresh Food – Water is the Solution, If it isn’t the Problem.

A question that can be formulated in simple words; how to end hunger and poverty? But the answer for billions of people around the world can be very difficult especially when it comes to practicality and real daily life. Fresh food is becoming more and more difficult to afford and not so often easy to get with high quality, so is seems to be luxury rather than a necessity. There are increasing trends around the world to plant own fresh food and all you need is WATER, the magic compound that do the difficult job to produce fresh food of any sort. This is of course in combination with light and whatever it is needed to enrich the food with minerals and vitamins.

Day after day, messages and photos or videos on the internet confirm that people are able to produce their own fresh food, even in the small space and far above the ground, e.g. a balcony on the 15th floor in a city. Most of these “novice farmers or gardeners” proudly announce successes of their first experiments thanks to “lessons learned” and “exchange of information on the web”. 

Here are some examples. However, for communities, villages and large populations in the developing countries with little access to information and knowledge as well as poor management of water resources simple solutions become complicated issues.  

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