ICT Challenges and Threats in New Era of Knowledge And Sustainability

The world was surprised with the fast and considerable damage of the recent tsunami-earthquakes that took place in past decade or so in Asia, e.g. In Thailand and Japan, more at (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsunami_earthquake). Such events trigger tsunami actions with very much magitudes of larger than the normal earthquakes. 

All of us are overwhelmed by the enormous power of socialmedia what regards the speed and magnitude by which knowledge is transferred and disseminated. However, it remains to go in depth both vertically and horizontally to understand the ongoing transformation that is taking place globally as a consequence of two new and imperative strategic changes “ICT” and sustainability.

Why socialmedia is revotionalizing the world and gaining more and more attention among the world population especially the younger ones? how can it be used to maximize its benefits on individual and collective levels? what are the modern threats associated with overconsumption or random use of socialmedia? how can we improve the quality of knowledge that keeps generated by socialmedia and what are the impacts of socialmedia and ICT-technology on traditional education at all levels? how can copywrite protection be improved with the accelerating production on the web? how can search engines do better jobs on the web? how can false materials, hate and bullying be controlled and balanced with the freedom of speech and democracy? 
Future generation especially in the developing countries will be struggling to balance the old and traditional values with the progressive and new changes.


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