Appropriate Education – An Oasis in a Vast Desert

Seeking education to give wings to your dreams is not an easy task, although imperative. Most often, if not always, coaching and support are needed along the way. Here is an example of a young girl from India who succeeded already in here early days to overcome many traditional barriers and difficulties. From where did she get all the motivation in the most hostile, poor and less privileged rural regions in the heart of India, is indeed an interesting story, worth knowing the start, its path routes and somewhat the end.

Give Wings To Your Dream – By Shibani, Wise We, tells the story of this girl ( India is one of the nations that realized the potential of education for the transformation of the country. It has already stepped in the 21st century where modernization, globalization and urbanization are at the peak. Certainly, India has crossed many diificulties to reach where it is today but many are yet to be shorted out. Among them eradicating poverty and unemployment, however illiteracy is supreme.IMG_1574

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