Iran’s Revive Of The Golden Age And Its Path To High-Tech Society

Iran is emerging as high-tech society, it has also a rich scientific heritage. In spite of its complicated political historical evolution to shape its identity as a nation it kept strong, coherent and systematic focus on education.

Though the political instabilities after WW-II, the war with Iraq and international sanctions, Iran made considerable advances in science and technology in almost all research aspects during the past decades. Iran’s scientific and technical progress, including aerospace, nuclear science, medical development, stem cell and cloning research, is among the fastest in the world. It has high university population with 70% women in science and technology ( Iran, for example, is the 9th country to put a domestically-built satellite into orbit using its own launcher and the sixth to send animals in space

This indeed, didn’t develop and emerge from thin air but has its roots in rich scientific and cultural heritage throughout long periods. Percia was a cradle of science, e.g. medicine, mathematics, science, and philosophy. Trying to revive the golden time ( of Persian science, Iran’s scientists now are cautiously reaching out to the world.

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