Iran’s Nuclear Program – Luanched with Support from US and Europe

Iran’ nuclear Program is an old story and goes back to 1950s when it was launched with help from the USA. Also, the participation of the USA and Europe continued until 1979 Iranian Revolution that changed the political course of Iran, i.e. after the Shah of Iran was toppled (

Later on, in 1990s, Iran shifted to China and Russia for further development of their nuclear programs. As by today, Iran made considerable progress what regards developing it’s nuclear energy program ( Iran has a major project developing uranium enrichment capability. However, the IAEA report on 23 May 2014 said that Iran had not enriched any uranium above 5% at any declared facility, had downblended 100 kg of near 20% enriched UF6 and converted the rest to oxide, it had not installed any further centrifuges, it had not progressed further work for fuel production and provided access to the Arak heavy water plant. The 20 July 2014 IAEA report confirmed these data for 

the near 20% enriched material, and that 1505 kg of ca. 5% enriched UF6 had been converted to UO2.

As November 24 in 2014 approached, the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) said, “In order to avoid a bad deal, the P5+1 must hold strong on achieving an agreement that limits Iran’s nuclear program to a reasonable civilian capability, significantly increases the timelines for breakout to nuclear weapons, and introduces enhanced verification that goes beyond the IAEA’s Additional Protocol. A sound deal will also require Iran to verifiably address the IAEA’s concerns about its past and possibly on-going work on nuclear weapons, which means Iran must address those concerns in a concrete manner before a deal is finalized or any relief of economic or financial sanctions occurs.” 

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