Ghana’s President – ”Black people are shocked and distraught” by killing of George Floyd.

The death of George Floyd doesn’t come with a surprise as what could happen can happen and is now happening. A citizen is crying for help “I can’t breath” but he get killed instead by a police while three other colleagues are watching. The death of George Floyd has triggered massive violent anger in the USA with the protest of citizens against the police in the USA ( One question is why people went wild like this and was the exaltation to uncontrollable and emotional violence necessary?

The accident itself can’t trigger such huge anger ( in the USA and the massive reactions around the whole world without systematic underlaying and rooted psychological and emotional fealing of injustice in its widest meaning. The society now has big eyes, learned from their parents and history about what is wrong and what is right. Still emotions can take over and emotional anger can escalate to something else like what trigger military wars and civil-wars. Most importantly the world that can think freely, can also act loudly to be heard, take the matter in their hands to enforce the law if institutions fail to do so by democratic means. We have high speed ITC and powerful social media instruments that can unify the world and feed it instantly with enormous flow of information and facts. The tipping points from peaceful demonstrations to destructive wild, blind and uncontrollable actions can be reached very fast. Their are no barriers for modern communication and any voices and emotions, even quietest and smallest ones, can be heard amplified.

The cry of George Floyd “I can’t breath” and its echo in the free space of planet earth was carried by the speed of light and was heard everywhere around the globe. What would we expect? Its timing came in a very critical time where many other circumstances and factors interacted together and piled-up to cause huge and strong resonance. It was the last drop that caused the cup to run over or the straw that broke the camel’s back. In these two symbols “last drop” resembles the worry about the degrading environment and the “camel’s back” resembles the worry about the degrading “biodiversity and eco-system services” both has to do with a collapsing economy for the majority of the world’s population. Most of the present and future pitfalls and impacts of our current economy, though has many positive effects for us, are being caused by an irresponsible production and consumption of the common global natural resources. Such pitfalls and impacts are now felt by everyone and everywhere. Additionally these pitfalls and impacts resulted in new emerging mega- pandemics that have paralyzed the world health and economy systems with great mental, insecurity and safety frustrations around the world specially the young people that cry for help “I can’t breath” please let me live”?

The world reacted very fast specially in Africa with its dark history of captivities and colonialism. Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo said Black people across the world are “shocked and distraught” by the killing of George Floyd in police custody. But what are the deep roots behind what is going on right now in the USA.

Coronavirus has also a finger in this global trauma and has uncovered how inequalities around the world had piled-up with time and activated many latent socio-economic-environment disparities. This will gradually and continuously unfold in different forms of frictions and conflicts around the world. It is not only about racial disparities as being experienced in, e.g. the USA ( in USA or African and MENA (;; emigrants that seek new life in Europe, USA or elsewhere for better life.

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