The War against COVID-19 is a War against Us and the Planet

The aftermath what regards the war against COVID-19 is uncovering many inconvenient truths. Naturally we have to protect ourselves but essential questions such as how to cope with the devastating threats of new waves of emerging viruses, what are these viruses and why they emerge with increasing destructive impacts remain to be unknown. COVID-19 is certainly a repeated strong reminder for humanity that planet earth is undergoing a new and yet unknown biological evolution that can lead to similar outcomes that caused the very annihilation of the dinosaurs. Science and technology as we have today are unable to predict what new viruses we will have in the future and how such viruses can mutate, evolve and behave. Above all what global instruments, tools and solutions do we have and more important to agree on. Without such knowledge we can not and will not be able to survive and the war against COVID-19 turned out to be a war against us, i.e. on the longterm against our global economy ‘economic sphere’ and all ecosystems on the planet ‘ecological sphere’. Science and technology are supporting the existing linear economy and not per se the the health and wealth of our planet. Above all we don’t know when such viruses are likely to show up and if they show up what would they look like? Probably we can survive COVID-19 but what about the new comers? We can only know when they hit us just like earthquakes? They would appear whenever and wherever they like with a spectra of unpredictable strengths and magnitudes. The inconvenient truth is that science and technology has constrains; the limitations in the physics of exactly when and where earthquakes will take place are of the same nature of the limitations in biology when and where new viruses ( will appear and how? These very secrets of nature will remain a mystery for humans. This has been the case of COVID-19, it is just exploded everywhere on planet earth, it doesn’t matter where it started as it could have started somewhere else other than Wuhan in China especially in a world that is undergoing shortage in food. COVID-19 had two major tectonic threats, an economic and an ecologic one. So, in the shadow of COVID-19 pandemic their appear to be two emerging global ‘pandemics’, an economic one and an ecologic one. Apart from health consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic and ecologic ‘pandemics’ will stay with us for longtime and will certainly come back to us with the evolution of new viruses. The battle against viruses, by being persistent mobile genetic elements, has already started and will continue with a new spiral of economic and ecologic ‘pandemics’. The ecological pandemic will continue to cause considerable biological degradation and destruction of the ecosphere. This will accelerate as consequence of COVID-19 where the poor has no alternatives other than draining the ecosphere for their living and with this comes new spirals of accelerating poverty (; and the feedback of such poverty is deepening the ecological crises with more degradation in the ecosphere (; The economic ‘pandemic’ has already started since our complete and accelerating dependence of our linear economy on the earth’s fossil and mineral resources, e.g. in the lithosphere (, as such resources are finite though it may appear that linear economy has generated wealth for some of us but in the long run we are draining the planet from our natural inherited capital. This is also apparent from COVID-19 as much of the world population will suffer with the catastrophic economic consequences, i.e. the economical ‘pandemic’ that is facing and will face us in the future (;;; So, we are getting a new emerging kind of biological pollution that is far much disastrous for humans and the ecosphere as compared to the existing physical and chemical pollution and waste on planet earth. So, the Anthropocene is getting hard gripe on our planet with all forms and cocktails of physical, chemical and biological pollution and waste. Science and technology as it is today are serving political policies and supporting market activities where both of which are essential components of existing growth economy that govern the rules and trends in our era of the Anthropocene.

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