Planet Earth – Current Politics Is For Adults Only. Not for Children and Youth

There are no guarantees that life on Planet Earth would or can offer any good living conditions for the years beyond 2050. It is highly risky future for current children 👶 (definitely unborn children) and youth to have safe and secure life, as their parents so far enjoyed on Planet Earth 🌏. Not to mention elderly people that have served their societies, yet they have to pass away with the same “business-as-usual” politics.

The 15-year-old Swedish girl is on strike from school for the climate ( as many other young people around that are doing the same ( as they feel marginalized by business-as-usual politics. So far world politicians have excluded and eliminated children and young people from having a decent and fair future. All politics around the world are so far emanated from well established economic systems that are not suitable for a healthy and wealthy Planet Earth 🌏.

Many protests have taken place and will intensify and continue, here are some few examples (;;;;

Fifteen-year-old Greta Thunberg describes herself as a “climate radical” and is protesting outside Sweden’s Parliament along with families and children that feel marginalized by politicians. These are the future victims of politics that contributed in deteriorating the quality of life, in all its forms, on Planet Earth.

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