The Modern Threats from Production-Consumption of Global Food Markets – Germany Bans Meat and Fish 

The decision of Barbara Hendricks, Germany’s Federal Minister for Environment, to ban meat and fish at all official government functions did not come as surprise for me. It is quite natural in the chaotic world we are living in nowadays. It was not a matter if such decisions will take place or not but rather when. More importantly, the next question that is forcing itself is: how would our food look like in the distant future 2050-2100?

Global warming and the negative impacts arising from accelerating competition in water, energy and land-use sectors are modern drivers that will force major twists in the global market. In particular while taking in considerations the diverse threats from growing populations and degradation in existing food-processing routines. Also, the complex issues of pollution and waste and their large-scale and long-term negative feedback impacts on water, air, ecological and life qualities as well as global biodiversity.   

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