The MENA Region – The Human Side of Telecom & The Reality of Accelerating Shift to the Virtual World

The whole world is drifting away from F2F “Face to Face” and direct H2H “Human to Human” communication or more precisely H2H communication as based on F2F communication, talks, analogue and paper-based interactions are being transformed to more effective, optimized, fact-based and regulated H2H communication through digitalized data, information and interactions. Even if we may experience F2F and H2H communication are becoming less and less intensive as it has been they are still everywhere in our daily life but is moving towards a totally new version, form or fashion through the Internet as a medium to transfer and connect all forms digitalized data, information and interactions where M2M “Machine to Machine”, M2H “Machine to Human” and H2M “Human to Machine” are still products of the H2H interaction and communications. All these revolutionary changes are due to enormous and tectonic advances in IOT and ICT by being able to handle wide-variety of multi-layered processing, production, consumption and subscription-based businesses, trade and industries as well as to mediate all H2H intervention and communication in such chains. H2H is the essence core of socio-economic development in all previous civilizations and still for all societies and for generations to come but the digitalized world has changed and still changing the rules of the game in human interactions and communications. 

In the modern era of IOT “Internet of Things” H2H communication is taking  different paths and tectonic tracks by using the Internet as ultra- and super-rapid instrument to connect everything in our world 24/7/365 on all levels. The IOT  and ICT “Information Communication Technology” benefit from searching, compiling, optimizing and communicating all existing and available data and information. But to be part of this revolution you have to be seen continuously in the Internet and also all your activities in any form has to be digitalized and connnected to the Internet in a way or another. The IOT and ICT will move forward, advance and progress more and more in compilation, coordination and optimization of data and information. At the moment we are in a State of Innovation on many levels and much more will come. IOT and ICT are far beyond our imagination as it will put and run our entire globe as totally new engines and reactors of interactions where the innovation is among key issues in all trans-disciplinary and trans-sectorial domains. This will generate trillions of dollars in turnover on the global scales as it is an imperative process where the growing population around the world by 2050-2100 can benefit from such transformation to more effective H2H communication through sensor and transducers as digital mediators in M2M, M2H and H2M interactions.  A life-style where IOT and ICT will be moving more and more away from traditional and convential H2H communication and interactions. Future jobs, employment, trade and businesses will follow such trends. 

Here is a debate activity in the MENA Region in the Telecom Review Magazine that Launched an event on “Human to Human” (H2H) Initiative during its Summit “The Human Side of Telecom”.

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