Information Communication Technology Era – Critical Thinking or Global Collapse?

In the Digital Revolution our modern societies experienced tectonic shifts from mechanical and analogue systems of production, trade, consumption, communication and policy-making to digital electronics began anywhere from the late 1950s to the late 1970s. In the latter half of the 20th century the world went through a dramatic transformation to ICT-based and driven societies similar to what happened ealier during major transitions in Agricultural Revolution and Industrial Revolution. Such Digital Revolution marked our new global Information Age where information and news of all types “fake”, “false”, “incorrect or erroneous”, “correct”, “accurate”, “precise”, “statistically-based” and “validated”, “docomented”, “biased”, “sponsored”, “primary”, “secondary”, “hypothetical”, “cooked”, “myth or fairy tale”, “inherited”, ….. all gets mixed up and disseminated extremely fast through out the world. These types of information and news get shaped and reshaped in a “mishmash” of knowledge, circulated and amplified by the increasing flora of powerful media which not in all cases have access to proper, correct and timely information. Though the Internet has facilitated the circulation and streaming of knowledge, it is still the individuals who can sort out which facts are original and validated or falsefied and being served as alternative facts. What is being correct and incorrect is becoming a dilemma for many of us that may not have access to, capabilities of or even having enough time for critical thinking. 

Would the Information Communication Technology Era face the same fate and future as the previous Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions?

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