President Trump and USA – New Realities Require New Solutions 

Today the USA and the rest of the world is turning page and shifting to new realities as outcome of the USA Presidential 2016-elections. The new realities are indeed no more than facing and tackling a mixture of old, current and future problems to move forward and deal with economically acceptable solutions for poverty and unemployment as well as restoration, development and the renewable of a wide-range of basic infra-structures. While at the same time coping with other equally important emerging challenges of much more global character, i.e. those arising from climate and environmental changes, also the implementation of UN-SDGs. Economic issues are always, and remain to be, important variables in solving such difficult and complex socio-economic equations. The UN-SDGs which involve climate and global change issues have no clear and well-structured implementation agenda, i.e. who will do what, how and when and above all how the outcome of the implementation will be monitored with follow up programs that assure transperancy and accountability contra the necessary investments and the financial obligations involved. It is much easier to assess the outcome of national socio-economic developments rather than to do the same on global and international scales.  

Though the changing reality may be experienced as unusual and dramatic, it is yet forcing enormous tectonic changes in particular the formulation of mutual global relations between the developed and developing countries. Reality is far more complex than any existing socio-economic model, as models by nature are much simplified version of reality that can never replace the reality. The world as a whole is facing a new complex reality of the post-industrial and post-computer era where the Internet, automation and modern ICT are outphasing many classical and traditional solutions what regards labor and machinery on the one side and the market and trade on the other. Classical political systems around the world are not yet updated to deal with existing new realities as experienced by the changes in Europe “Brexit” and the USA “President Trump”, globalisation, free-trade, UN-SDGs, also developments arising from the post Iraq-war. All these issues combined are reshaping the global socio-economic developments. We need to ask ourselves “what can we do for the world as it may not be clear for everyone what the world will do, and can do, for us”. The existing global situation is just a reminder that the socio-economic systems around the world, including the UN, are not the optimum solutions but rather part of the existing challenges. In a much opened, IT-based society with rapid and intensive flow of information, the challenges are shifting more and more to individual to take part in shaping everyday life.

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