Sustainable Balance of Water and Energy on Planet Earth

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The sign of infinity explains the tight, continuous and eternal interplay of energy-water resources on planet Earth ?. Energy production-consumption requires water AS MUCH AS water ? production-consumption requires energy. Fossil-fuel production and use ends up into waste and pollution in the atmosphere, hydrosphere and ecosphere with enormous negative ? impacts in these spheres. The energy-water loop “sign of infinity” which determines the quality and stability of all life forms on planet Earth ? is currently out of order because of the accelerating negative ? impacts of all waste and pollution. The energy-water loop “cycle” is moving faster and faster away from the natural base-line conditions drivers for the sustainable functioning and metabolism of all life processes on planet Earth ?. So, the life on planet Earth ? is moving towards total annihilation because of accelerating waste and pollution everywhere. The only way to get back into sustainable living on planet Earth ? is through clean ?water-energy loop “cycle”.

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