2030-2040 Major Oxygen Loss In Oceans and Turn Towards Life Eradication 

Science does not come out of thin air and scientists do not play dice, they base their logic and science on hard theories, field and laboratory experiments. Scientific Strategies of Isaac Newton and James Clerk Maxwell, among others, stand out today as clear evidence that science is the very solid foundation of our modern technology and R&D in general (http://philosophy.jhu.edu/2013/03/14/evidence-and-method-scientific-strategies-of-isaac-newton-and-james-clerk-maxwell/). This is also the case for all the science that  came out what regards global warming, an outcome of hard science and the story did not end, new facts are being uncovered everyday. The universe, the solar system and the life on Earth did not develop and evolve randomly as Einstein put it “God does not play dice with the universe”. There are reasons behind changes and their also consequences for any changes. That is what science does to seek answers for such changes, their reasons and consequences no more no less. 

The changes of the Earth’s temperature is only one aspects of the consequences of global warming but there are many other changes in the climate, earth and environment systems. With changes in temperature comes out a long chain of many spatio-temporal changes on several scales. Here is one of such other changes, i.e. the dissolved oxygen in the ocean specially the upper surface layers regulating the functioning and metabolism of the whole ocean ecosphere  and biology. With the gradual increase in temperature and the warm-up of ocean surface water the oxygen level will decline more and more. With such changes life would be possible in the ocean (http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2015/03/150313-oceans-marine-life-climate-change-acidification-oxygen-fish/).

Major Oxygen Loss In Oceans Due To Climate Change Will Be Apparent In 2030s.

Read the story (http://futurism.com/major-oxygen-loss-oceans-due-climate-change-will-apparent-2030s/).

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