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With global perspective (( on the status of knowledge and technology growth and current well-being around the world leads us to an imperative question. While the academic achievements, in terms of know-how and inventions, have been explosive, the well-being has not been as dynamic in its evolution but on the contrary it has been stagnated. We are not taking full advantage of the great advances in science and technology, in appropriate and sustainable terms, that have been achieved so far. Humans, for several reasons, tend to continue “business as usual” which indeed contra productive what regards changing our living conditions to more sustainable life-style. Though this was previously summarized in simple words by Albert Einstein, as he advised: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” 

We have unique ways not only to formulate and judge the existing realities around us but also to find better solutions to make our world more sustainable and coherent for our living. The scientific thinking ( or the scientific method ( has been and would remain to be universal instrument for building strong and solid global foundations that can guide humanity to more dynamic, wholistic and coherent road for survival on planet earth with focus on the quality of life on all scales. This is what led us to globally agree on in the Paris-2015 agreement with a comprehensive agenda formalized in UN-SDG as an unique and historic outcome.

For young and early-stage professionals  around the world and for the academic staff at universities and research institutes we have a global source of information, inventory and description on why, where and how graduate and undergraduate education can be conducted with high levels of quality, also with wide-range of diversity in disciplines.

Please, update yourself of the global status of higher education and what the global academies, universities and research institutes can offer (

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