Realities for future Generations – Climate and Global Changes on Planet Earth

If the Paris climate agreement sent a global signal to the world that we may be going through a tectonic transition for ending the fossil fuel era ( then many key questions have to be answered. The Paris climate deal, where nearly 200 nations signed an agreement for ending the world dependence on fossil fuel resources ( gives new challenges not only for promoting the using of renewables but also for searching about new and innovative solutions and strategies to produce and consume all types of energy resources including the renewable. We can not run away from an imperative future very much different from what we had in the past century. The coming century we have also to seek zero-waste policies on all levels with innovation in conservation and protection of our common natural resources on the earth. Recycling, reversed engineering and enhancing all life qualities on planet earth are also key neccessities for the mankind and life quality on earth in general.

Climate change where the man-made global warming component is causing new drivers of global changes on earth can be explained by the diverse connections to major processes on the earth (see the explanations given below).

Here is what the Paris meeting is all about:

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