Clean & Safe Water for EGYPT, 2020 – Wastewater and Sanitation Conference, December 2015. 

Egypt to embark on strategic projects for delivering clean and safe water for Egypt by 2022. Experts and policy-makers will be analysing affordable technologies that will improve reuse and impacts of wastewater. This two DAYS CONFERENCE: DECEMBER 8-9, 2015 has an INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP DAY (A- Master planning a comprehensive rural wastewater and sanitation network; and B– Assessing new technologies for Egypt’s future water and wastewater treatment facilities) on 7th of DECEMBER 2015. The conference provides possibilities to HEAR FROM KEY POLICY-MAKERS and INDUSTRY EXPERTS.

Recent research “Egyptian Experimental Farm Reveals Possible Market for ‘Sewage Farming’ and Agricultural Production”.  Crops grown on the Egyptian desert using treated wastewater are safe for human consumption and their production is economically viable, concluded engineers working on an experimental farm in Gerga, in the Sohag Governorate of Egypt. Their final report, ‘The Re-use of Treated Sewage Waste Water in Agriculture’ contains recommendations for successful country-wide establishment of wastewater irrigated farms, in support of Egypt’s bit to tackle water scarcity and meet the growing demand for agricultural products (

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