Household – Managing Economy Successfully in  Modern High-Tech Society 

Urbanization and modern high-tech societies bring with them lots of responsibilities to the citizen and household both on collective and individual levels. If the chain of interaction between technology, individual household and the society in general is not fully coherent and economically sustainable severe impacts are to expect. These impacts to be expected on different levels and may gradually pile- up causing that economical or technological collapse. 

On the individual level you need to manage household reparations and/or restorations (,,20434090,00.html) either by yourself “DIY” or through payed services.

In both cases “DIY” and payed services, you need to have minimum knowledge of understanding how to protect yourself and your surroundings from accidents that may arise from improper operation, management and use of modern household appliances. These involve basic safety and security issues including hiden chemical (, electrical and ICT or “cyber” ( threats.

An important issue is the technical terms where English is the dominant language (


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