Stay Tuned – How Socialmedia Is Shaping Africa

Socialmedia is moving deep in many African contexts with similar trends as those that changed Europe and the U.S. in the sixties ( the Vietnam War; the Beatles, music changes  in the United States and around the world; John F. Kennedy assassination in 1963; Martin Luther King Jr. “I Have a Dream”; China’s Mao Zedong puts the Great Leap Forward plan; a human being sets foot on the Moon. At least, let us hope for a new modern future to revert Africa to more sustainable continent to save its natural beauty and biodiversity as well as to bring welfare for its people.

Follow Socialmedia network and stay tuned ( Also, the Instagram @afurakah “Afu-Ra-Kah” is one of the origin names of the motherland. All humans come from Africa. 


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