Sustainable Management of Tourism and Implementation of “Convention On Biological Biodiversity”.

Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity “CBD”, Montreal, Canada published a manual on applying the “CBD” Guidelines on Biodiversity & Tourism Development ( 2015).

Its is about sustainable tourism with components including: sustainable consumption by the tourism sector; environment and natural conservation; building and nuclear safety; rainforest; wildlife conservation; sustainable development; trade tourism; environment business and development; global sustainable tourism. Issues such as tourism and biodiversity – dimensions of the relationship; baseline information; policy and governance – an integrated approach; plan formulation for tourism and biodiversity; notification and impacg assessment of tourism projects; and management initiatives to support biodiversity through tourism monitoring; reporting and adaptive management of tourism impacts on biodiversity; awareness raising and capacity building for tourism and biodiversity are discussed and detailed.

Among key messages and conclusions that are extracted from the manual are: multi-stakeholder approach for planning and managing sustainable tourism; gathering base-line information; coordinating strategies among local; subnational and national authorities; range of tools to control and influence tourism; impact assessment; management approaches and initiatives; adaptive management; capacity building and use of media to promote awareness; and regular voluntary reporting the secretariat for “CBD”.

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