ICT Era – Speak and Write Emanates From Different Brain Parts

In modern ICT societies language abilities are not any longer about writing, reading and speaking as used to be in traditional and classical ways. It is very much more about our speaking and talking because of the growing impacts of social media, e.g. YouTube and Webinar. Oral, audio and visual presentation are becoming more and more essential features in modern ICT-technology based communication and transfer-of-knowledge. 

The human brain, however, has the ability to separate talking from writing. I personally met a person who can talk perfect English but can not read or write!  Researchers have recently documented while the human ability to write evolved from the ability to speak, writing and speaking are supported by entirely different parts of the brain. This is according to new research from Rice University, Johns Hopkins University and Columbia University: visit this http://news.rice.edu/2015/05/07/how-the-human-brain-separates-the-ability-to-talk-and-write-2/

From East to West, North to South, and whether we understand them or not, accent can really make us weak in the knees. The global spectra of accents keeps evolving more and more with impacts on human emotions: http://youtu.be/eNvM_A5h1Vo


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