Category: Exhibitions

“Exhibitions” are organized presentations and display of selection of items and can take different forms depending on objectives, size, space (architects, designers and graphics), duration and complexity. They practically take place within museums, galleries and exhibition halls and world’s Fairs but they can, also, be travelling or on-line exhibitions.

Organization and holding exhibitions may require considerable planning, management and marketing. Typically/familiar exhibitions include art exhibitions with needs for supplementary light, video and sound installation; interpretive exhibitions (scientific and historical themes e.g. archaeology, anthropology, ethnology and natural history) with context to explain items being displayed through text, charts and maps for background and concept explanations. Commercial exhibitions or “trade fairs and trade show” are organized with specific interests of organizations and industry to showcase products, services and study activities to examine recent trends and opportunities.

An exhibition with live presentations and demonstrations, are very efficient and powerful marketing instruments for public relations, doing business, initiating contacts with new customers and for developing new trade leads.