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“Events and Entertainment” are “come-together activities” organized by people for people of cultural, social and economic value. They may serve either independently or in combination with businesses (private and public), raising of public awareness, political campaigns, marketing of products and services as well as major transformations and reforms in socio-economic structures, e.g. health, education, gender equality, ….. .

Amazing Visual Records of African ceremonies with roots back in Stone Ages.

Celebrations and social gathering are very much related to culture. How people live together and enjoy life is a matter of imagination, social context and environment. This can be very much different around the world and culture has also an evolution as it makes people grow with time. Apart from the ancient Egyptian Civilization, Africa had other cultural history and evolution with roots back to the stone ages. However, how much do we know about the cultural history of Africa Apart from colonization and slavery of the white man? Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher did an amazing and innovative journey in Africa to document, collect and compile facts about contemporary social anthropology and culture ceremonies that we know very little about. This is a part of human cultural evolution that can be traced back to stone ages. It is certainly, worth knowing about it as it is part of our cultural heritage.

Irnga-Tanzania – Ruaha Marathon

Give your support to bio-diversity, environment and water issues and create public awareness to protect life from extinguision around the Great Ruaha River and the eventual the drying up of the river itself.

Ruaha Marathon, Irnga-Tanzania, is a social event which you can contribute in shaping it and improving its activities through not only being part of it but also by active initiatives and interactions. Social enterpreneurs can very well innovate in how they can be effective part of making this event move forward towards achieving sustainable socio-economic developments in Africa. All what Africa needs is INNOVATION, where people join together to share solutions. Life is about to serve and get served but do it with quality! Building up sound eco-tourism and green-awareness part supporting rural communities in Africa.

The Unique Cultural Mosaic of the Growing Africa.

With flourishing economy in Africa, and the vision of young people for transfer to democracy and a better life, innovation in music, fashion and art are gradually penetrating and diffusing in the unique cultural mosaic of the growing Africa. An example is the Ethiopian music that combines different cultural and emotional backgrounds, a needed positive energy for fueling the populations towards the new future.