Category: Jobs

“Sustain-earth” is in the process of creating suitable search engines for identifying and announcing jobs in the given categories. Because of the different routines in different sectors and countries, the progress in this respect will take place gradually and may require some time.
However, stakeholders and players in the private and public sectors that are interested to take part the process of building up the necessary databases and sources of information are strongly encouraged to contact “sustain-earth”. “Sustain-earth” can provide the necessary instruments and platforms for “Capacity Building” and “Management of Human Resources” within selected activities.

The Labor Market – Dreams vesus Reality.

Dreams are not always what one can expect in reality. When it comes to finding your favorite job, dreams may require taking risks and going through frustrations to transfer them to reality. It is am amazing journey that needs hard and continuous training on the job like running a marathon you need to be prepared for it.